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Some questions on the Bridge 1.0

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  • Some questions on the Bridge 1.0

    Hey Everyone. I just started the bridge today. I have some questions. I have a good grasp of the program and think I will do fine just want to make sure before I get too involved and find out im running it wrong. So the first question is;

    Only were a belt when it states belt in the title, correct? For example week 1 day 1 is squats with belt, Close grip bench press and rack pulls. I should only wear the belt while squatting?

    2. on GPP day the 7 minutes AMRP pick one exercise and do as many reps as i can in 7 minutes don't jump around to other exercises?

    3.I work an off shift\ stressful job. I have a lot of mandatory overtime so some days I can't make it to the gym when I plan. So for example; I can go Monday for day 1 and come day 3 ill have OT and wont make it to the gym till day 4 or 5. How should I go about this with the program? Just go when I get can and try to be as consistent as possible?

    Last thing kind of goes with question 3. Im trying to get behind the science of the RPE. I look at the program and have done some reading where the RPE is helpful to people who have bad days due to schedules or lack of sleep etc. What Im not understanding is how you grow on the RPE programing? Is it because your taxing the nervous system creating change along with adding change of reps?

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    1) correct

    2) It doesn't really matter, though most people choose one exercise per slot per GPP day and rotate them every few weeks. But it's really personal preference. You certainly can get crazy and have some fun with these slots doing some bro type super setting or what have you, if you so desire. Part of the appeal of the GPP days is that they are very different from a normal training day, it kind of breaks the monotony and gives you a mental break. It also gives you a chance to experiment a bit and learn a bit more about your body and how you react to different things. So whatever works for you is perfectly fine here. You would really have to try hard to screw these slots up, which is why they give you the full freedom to choose what you want to do.

    3) just get the work in each week. If you have to train back to back days sometimes, no problem. Obviously, it's better to run it as designed if you can, but if life won't allow you can flex days around so long as you get it all in.

    3b) You don't have to train at or near failure to progress. Volume is the primary driver of progress in both strength and hypertrophy. By using RPE and lowering intensity you are allowing yourself to do more volume, which will yield more gainzZz over the long run. If you want to get into the weeds I would look up the Barbell Medicine podcast and look back a few months for the "Programming Podcast" series. They did 3 episodes where they laid out the case for their training style. You'll get the full picture of the why behind the programming choices by listening through that.
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      Exactly what PWard said above.

      Be consistent, have some fun and enjoy the gainzZz.

      Along with the BBM podcast about programming, listen to the episode #25 with Mike Tuchscherer on RPE origination and application. Don't freak out if you don't full grasp, or 100% implement RPE, it's a skill that takes some time to hone.

      Again, train hard and have fun


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        Thanks guys. I’ll listen to that podcast to learn more about RPE