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12 week strength VS time crunch

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  • 12 week strength VS time crunch

    Can anyone tell the the time per session difference between the 12 week strength and the time crunch templates? Obviously there's a big difference I'm just curious what each requires.

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    The 12wk Strength template typically takes 90 - 120 mins, depending on how strong you are and how strict you are with rest times. If you keep rest down to something like 3mins and don't play on the instagrams, you can get through it in 90 mins probably.

    I don't have the new time crunch, but the original was designed be able to be completed in 60mins or less.


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      Yeah 12 week strength can easily be done in 90 minutes. When I ran it at the time I was on a time-crunch (pun intended) and had a strict limit of 75 minutes to get in and out every day and I was able to successfully do so the entire way through without missing a single set or rep. It wasn't easy, but it was doable.
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        Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks fellas!


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          75 minutes?! Wow, I'm no where near that. I keep my rest periods to 3 minutes plus time to tighten belt, etc. I've done 90 minutes before with super-short warm-ups. I'm not doubting it can be done, but you need to be seriously motivated and organized to pull it off.

          That said, I'm really connecting with the 12-week strength program after just 3 weeks! I'm excited to see the results at the end.


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            Yeah, I did 2 minute rests on anything that was RPE 6, 2.5 minutes on RPE 7, and 3 mins on RPE 8 and up. Those big volume day 1 and day 2 are mostly in the 6 range, so all those backoffs I did on 2 minute rest. I also kept my warmups to a bare minimum, and did not warm up at all for the 3rd lift of the day because I was already "warm" from the 2 earlier lifts.