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  • Squat form check

    I feel like a lot of things is off but cant put my finger on it. I feel like Im just better with flats (this squats are in power perfects 2). Sometimes when I squat and than stand up I feel a little pain in my lower back.
    These are 364lbs x5 @7-8 (Had two weeks break due to Ilness and im not so good at judging atm). Top set was 375lbs x5 but I ran out of memory on my phone at second rep.

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    Well, I’m no expert but from what my eye sees everything looks good except at the top of your rep you shove your hips forward pretty hard- maybe a contributor for the low back pain. Also, some of your reps are lower than the other reps.
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      Think of taking a big breath when you brace. I think you could get a much better valsalva, and generally could get a little tighter. Also, try to hold those elbows down a bit. They are bobbling up and down.
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        These overall look good to me.