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    I apologize if this has been covered, but I didn't find it when I searched.

    What would you do if a trainee was consistently limited by their grip in the deadlift? Would you consider grip accessory work? If so, what would it be?


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    How are you gripping the bar now?
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      Alternatell grip.


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        A commonly suggested grip work around here is simply to extend your last reps on the DL. Hold the bar some extra seconds (15, 20, 30...) before dropping it for the last time. It~s specific and should help you.
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          I am able to do this, but only on days where the weight or volume is on the lighter side. For instance, I was able to do that today, when I did 405 for 2 sets of 5. I was able to hold it for about 10-12 seconds. In a recent workout, I did the same thing (405 for 2 of 5), but after 495 for 1 and 475 for 3, and I could hardly hold on to the the bar during the sets, let alone lengthen the last rep.

          How often should someone do this grip work? If it is something I struggle with, should I plan more workouts to prioritize this over general training volume?
          The reason I ask, is because I recently had a workout where I tried 535 lb, 10 lb less than my 1rm. It came off the floor easily, but I couldn't hold onto it, so I had to set it down after I got it past my knees. I took about 45 seconds to get straps, pulled immediately, and still completed the lift with relatively little struggle as far as singles go.

          To me, it seems that using a weight that I could actually hold onto, it would be too light to get any benefit from it as far as actually training the deadlift. I have never used straps for anything other than hypertrophy stuff and rows (or if I couldn't complete my planned reps because of grip) so I wouldn't think that my grip is undertrained.


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            Do you tempo squat with your Squat 1RM? It's the same mentality.

            If you want to develop your grip because it ois not on the level you expect, I'd think it is undertrained, compared to your other capabilities.
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              Not that all these recommendations are "the program" but here are the 3 things I do to up my grip game:
              1. Chalk. The first time I got to use Chalk at a gym I felt like SUPERMAN. Be like SUPERMAN. Use chalk.
              2. "Kroc Rows" google them. BBM advocates barbell rows, but I'm a non complier when it comes to them, and DB rows appeal to me much more. the "Kroc Row" trains my grip in ways that transfer directly to my heavy DLs
              3. I will also sometimes use Fat Grips during lighter DL variants for grip work.
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                Indeed, I always forget the basics. Chalk is paramount.