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Deadlift form check (kyphosis)

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  • Deadlift form check (kyphosis)

    Hi guys.
    Can you check my form?

    This was last week, today i increased the weight by 40 lbs and did triples. Back was more rounded. I am afraid of making it habit. Should i ditch deadlifting until i can get coaching?
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    NO, don't ditch deadlifting because of this. It sounds like you're afraid of injury, but I think if you listen to this video ( you'll see why you shouldn't be. There's also some pain science information on the BBM site that you may find useful. A round back typically only means you are not being as efficient in the movement as you should be, it does not necessarily increase your risk of injury, but in this case I think your form is fine. From what I can tell the bar stays over the mid foot, and you appear to be setting your back well. I wouldn't worry about it.


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      Thanks for the reply. I should have been more clear, sorry: I am not worried about injury/pain. But it is not the efficient way to train as you said. I am afraid i can't change the pattern once i get used to this with heavier weights. So you say my back is fine. Good, thanks again.