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Switching to High Bar (and running The Bridge 3.0 with HBBS)

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    Ah I see. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the purpose of the first/developmental block of Bridge 3.0 is to expose the lifter to a wide variety of physical tasks as opposed to hyper-specializing in a handful of tasks. That, by nature, will require a broad range of exercises. For that reason, I think the supplemental squat slot on Day 3 is intentionally programmed to be far less specific to the comp. squat (which is the LBBS for most people). That's why the coaches wrote "prefer leg press or belt squat" since the HBBS is more specific to the LBBS compared to the leg press/belt squat.

    So, during this developmental block, should I choose the leg press over the hack squat a supplemental squat exercise, since it is less similar to the HBBS? If so, during the dev. block, how dissimilar should a supplemental squat exercise be relative to the comp. squat?

    And just curious, what are the benefits of choosing less specific variations during the dev. block?
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      I have not seen the bridge 3.0, but I have seen 1.0 and 2.0. But I do know that the bridge is a "development" block. Which is short for saying it's a strength development block, meaning that building strength in the comp lifts is the primary goal of the block.

      So BBM kind of has 3 different classifications of slots. It's either a comp slot, a supplemental 1 slot, or a supplemental 2 slot. Supplemental 1 slots are generally going to be variations that are more specific to the comp lift, and supplemental 2 slots are going to be less specific and more general. So a supplemental 2 slot (which is generally the 3rd slot of the day) is meant to be more to build general strength and hypertrophy. The Bridge is a strength development block, so it's very biased towards comp and supplemental type 1 lifts, but it does throw in supplemental 2's at the end of the day. The bias for which slots are chosen varies by block type. If you look at something like a pivot block you'll see the opposite, the whole thing is pretty much all supplemental 1 and 2 lifts, and the supplemental 2 variations chosen are even more general than in a development block like The Bridge, you get into things like dumbbell lifts and the like. So when your block is strength focused, you want to choose a supplemental 2 variation that is more general, but still holds some degree of specificity.

      Since you're doing high bar as your comp lift you could choose low bar for this slot. You could also leg press, belt squat, hack squat, etc. They are obviously trying to choose variations that put less load on the back and more on the legs. However, your comp squat is high bar, so you're already doing this, so there's no need to avoid loading your back in this slot. Low bar no belt would actually be the best variation here during a development block given your choice in comp lift being high bar, imo. I'm not personally a big fan of the hack squat, but I don't think it's a terrible choice either as opposed to a leg press. I do think that hack squats fit better into pivot or GPP blocks than development blocks though. I also don't think that the increased ROM and the way it feel in your quads are meaningful and I wouldn't consider those things as any better or worse than any other variation, they are just different.

      Benefits in choosing less specific exercises are when you're focusing on things like general strength and hypertrophy, GPP, etc. It also can help recovery, because just by changing variations you are changing the exact way your muscles and connective tissues are stressed. This allows things to heal a bit while still training with normal volumes and loads. There's also psychological benefits. As a personal example, I just went through a 3 month development block, and the last month the wheels were really falling off for me, and mentally I was really struggling to keep chugging along. I just completed week 1 of a 2 week pivot block and mentally I'm already starting to feel refreshed. Don't underestimate the mental side of lifting. This game is as much psychological as it is physical, and sometimes you have to change things up to keep the psychological side in check.
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