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    this is week 2 for running the bridge 1.0, and it’s been fun training again. One thing that I’m noticing is my sessions are taking longer, and I know it’s because of my conditioning. Today the damn rack pulls made me realize how horrendous it’s gotten and not to mention the session itself took a little over 2 hours to finish. How long did it take you guys to adjust to the conditioning requirements of more volume coming from SSLP?

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    Week 2 is too big a big jump. I don't know what the newer versions of The Bridge look like but Week 2 as written should have been week 3 and Week 2 should have been 1 less set on the main lifts IMO. If I run it again coming off LP I'll set it up that way.


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      I am still on SSLP and plan to start the bridge. Do you feel like you need to take more rest between sets than on LP? Or is it simply that there are more sets in the bridge? How long did it take you to do SSLP in the last weeks?


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        There are more sets in Bridge and a big jump between Week 1 and 2.


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          2 hours is a solid time for a bbm style workout. You will adapt to the new volume and it won’t seem so exhausting . I believe the bridge begins with a low stress week since it’s assuming your coming off an LP this just cut volume in half. Week 2. Enter example of the actually programming volume


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            It really will depend on a lot of factors. There's no hard rule for how long it takes someone to "bridge" over to this style of training. But you should be in a much better position by the end of the program than you were at the start, if that means anything.


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              - 38yo male
              - did 9 weeks or maybe 10 on the SSLP
              - a workout: ~90min

              In week 3 now of the bridge 1.0
              - 2hrs per workout, but for me it looks like this: First exercise: 8 Sets EMAM and then im progressing usually by 20kg (~45lbs) which means, on Monday i.e. where u do your comp squat its like this for me:
              - 8 sets EMOM
              - 40kg
              - 60kg
              - 80kg
              - 100kg
              - 115kg
              - 120kg
              - 125kg

              I usually take 1-2 min rest in between sets between 40kg and 80kg/100kg and then 3 min. Lets assume that a set takes 1min (bcos its easier to calculate):

              - 8 sets EMOM -8min
              - 40kg -2min
              - 60kg-2min
              - 80kg-2min
              - 100kg-2min
              - 115kg -4min
              - 120kg-4min
              - 125kg-4min
              = 28min

              Have to rearrange my homegym/rack for the next exercise a little bit,... So three exercises * ~30min + 10/15min in between exercises = 90 -120min. Today i had to hurry a bit so i did the workout in 85min.

              Ull get used to it - ull be fine