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  • Goals for 2019

    Let's hear some goals for 2019! I just tested my maxes last week and I hit a 550 dead, 425 squat, 350 bench and 240 press. For 2019 I am aiming to get close to benching 405, squatting 500, deadlifting in the 600's and a bodyweight Press of 260. I'd also like to actually watch what I eat and maybe work on being a little less fat for once. What are your guys' 2019 goals?

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    Good topic and good luck to you with your goals

    I just joined Group Programming for the January group so hoping that helps quite a bit. My goals are 400 squat (currently e1RM 348) Bench 250 (204) Dead 440 (348) and side goal of 150 press (121). I'd also like to slowly gain muscle up to 205 (currently 190). The biggest goal which I I can't quantify is to be more consistent. I've been good for the past 4 weeks (holiday nutrition wasn't great) so I know I'm just gonna hop back into this week.


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      Some say that sharing your goals is not that good, but let's go!

      My main goal is to get back to lifting after some months out of focus and then 1 month off. There will probably be another month off until I'm able to find a new routine, given the change of gym, change of marital status, change of job, change of continent...

      Given I'm able to fulfill this first goal, I'm aiming at 200kg squat and 500lbs DL. Not very big jumps (some 15kg), but i think they are nice round numbers to use as a target.
      Me gainzz


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        Not particularly ambitious, but: compete in the PL meet that I've signed up for in early February, and set some PRs while at it. Keep training injury-free afterwards.


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          Awesome! Keep em comin


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            As at end 2018 (or near enough) at a BW of 84.5kgs with a waist of 92cms (36 inches) my lifts at [email protected] (or thereabouts) were squat 140kgs, press 62.5kgs, bench press 90kgs, deadlift 180kgs.

            My goals are to (more short term goals than specifically this year per se):
            1. get down to circa 15% (calculated to be around 75kgs at 80cm waist)
            2. keep lifts circa the same until I get to target body composition
            3. increase consistency of training (moving to 4 day training + 2 GPP = 6 days per week)
            4. maintain body composition for 3 to 4 months or so
            5. slow bulk and strength gain
            Longer term goals are to stay around 15% body fat, not get above 85cms waist (33.5 inches), get up to 90kgs total body weight, squat 180kgs (396lbs), press 100kgs (220lbs), bench press 140kgs (308), and deadlift 220kgs (484lbs).

            There is a second kiddo on the way (early May), so life will take precedence; however, the big ones I am going to focus on are consistency of training, fat loss and maintaining said body composition. The strength and muscle gain will come.


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              Yah, I was at 36" when my daughter was born, and the Mrs was very happy when I brought myself down to 32"

              Enjoy life, and GL ballancing strength, that 85cm waist, and being a dad/life.

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            I'm about to finish my first year of consistent lifting, so I'm not sure how this year will go as far as progressing almost weekly. But here's what I'm hoping for in 2019.

            Squat: 405 (current: 330)
            Bench: 315 (270)
            Deadlift: 500 (410)

            If things go really well, maybe I can hit 450/330/550.
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              Update: I didn't hit any of these goals, but like I said originally I wasn't sure what to expect for my 2nd year. I spent about 3 months in total prepping for 2 obstacle course races (1 in Spring and 1 in Fall), which definitely had affect on my SBD totals. More than I thought it would, it seems.

              My best lifts for each in 2019 were:
              Squat: 375
              Bench: 290 (although I hope to hit 300 this week)
              Deadlift: 460

              I think I'll keep the 405/315/500 goals for 2020 and see what happens!

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            I want to add 100 pounds to each of my lifts. Currently at 415/345/265 D/S/B.

            Do I think this is reasonable? Probably for dL and squat but not bench. Really I would be ecstatic to hit 500/400/300 at some point during the year. My stretch goal is a 2x body weight squat...damn being tall!


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              My current weight and 1rm's :
              Weight - 205 lb
              Squat - 365
              Bench - 235
              Deadlift - 385

              My 2019 Goals:
              Weight - 215 lb
              Squat - 415
              Bench - 275
              Deadlift - 465


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                A 1x body weight [email protected] Deadlift. 25 lbs one to go one way or the other.


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                  I got back into training seriously again this past September. I did Bridge 2.0 and had great results (shed some pounds and all time PR deadlift at 515 (with at least another 10 lbs in the tank), near previous strength in squat, bench, and press). Ended the year with 7week 4day hypertrophy and that went less well, mainly cuz I drank and ate too heavily.

                  Year long goals are:
                  weigh sub-200lbs
                  DL 550
                  Squat 475
                  Bench 275
                  Press 200

                  2019 is young but off to a solid start. Hit a PR set of 5 in the DL today.


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                    Some inspiring goals here.
                    I am going to stop being a sook and blaming my work and other lifestyle constraints for not being able to train, and just get the work done anyway.
                    I have just kicked off the 4 day ST template and, at the end of the program, am aiming for:
                    SQ 175kg (165 current)
                    DL 200kg (188 current)
                    BP 120kg (115 current)
                    PR 80kg (75 current)
                    49yo, 85kg (188lb) waist 36" (which will probably increase over the next 12 weeks).
                    Good luck guys.
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                      • Weight around 180lbs (or get BF around 20%)
                      • Deadlift 315x5x1
                      • Squat 275x5x3
                      • Bench 225x5x3
                      • Pullups 3 sets of 10


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                        Not miss a single rep, set, exercise, or workout for the entire year. I think consistency and showing up to do the work, even when life gets shitty, is the biggest thing for getting jackeder and stronger. So that's what I want to accomplish.


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                          This is the lofitest goal of anyone here

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                          Haha, hopefully the BBM community can help me stay accountable. Though, as a childless steady hours office worker, I feel like I don't really have an excuse to ever not train. Kudos to all the new parents and workaholics/shift workers who get it all done

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                        For 2019:

                        Bodyweight: ~218lbs; waist 38.5"
                        Deadlift: 350#
                        Squat: 335#
                        Bench: 230#

                        Shooting for:
                        Body Comp: 200-205lbs; lower waist measurement accordingly
                        Deadlift: Break 400#
                        Squat: Break 400#, though 375# would be satisfying
                        Bench: 275#

                        Again, these are goals, but the desire to achieve keeps the fire burning. Also started out 2019 putting together a garage gym so hopefully balancing Work/Dad life allows for no missed training. I'd say changing body composition is atop of the goals list. Should be fun!