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    My goal is to try a competition. I've wanted to for a while now, but my social anxiety has kept me from taking the plunge. Hopefully I'll manage to man up and just do it!

    And of course I want to get stronger.
    Current e1rm's:
    Squat 220kg
    Bench 170kg
    Deadlift 230kg
    Press 97.5kg

    Squat 240kg
    Bench 180kg
    Deadlift 250kg
    Press 110kg (Bw)


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      I'm trying to lose some weight, 20 pounds to exact. I'm currently at 225 pounds. I'm not obese but I am definitely FAT. I gained weight -originally 183 pounds- running 5-3-1 to jack up my lifts. which worked but now I'm not so sure it was a good idea. I did it too quickly and put on more fat than I wanted. So now I want to lose weight and I have this in mind. deload my training max while on a caloric deficit and rerun the bridge and HLM a few times with a block of the 7 week hypertrophy program (each of which I own and have completed in the past) in between... once I reach the desired weight I can slowly reinstate my maintenance calories and run either one of the 12 week templates.

      what do you guys think? all criticisms and suggests are welcome.


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        Here are a couple of links:
        I seem to keep posting these every week or so...

        The actual training program is less important for fat loss. However, I have run Hyp 3 Day v1, Hyp 3 Day v2, and I am now running Hyp 4 Day v2. There is enough volume to try to maintain muscle mass and strength. Don't deload, it will happen naturally with RPE and you will be surprised as to how much strength you will retain. I matched my previous PRs and hit one absolute PR (+2.5kgs PR on the deadlift) with me being 4.5 kilos lighter at the end of the last training block which was Hyp 3 day v2. You can run any weight training program as the fat loss is driven by diet. The weight training program is to minimise the muscle and strength loss. In the early stages there will be no strength loss, possible strength gain, and muscle loss will likely also be minimal. However, as time goes on the strength loss may then start and will likely be slow; however, the msucle loss will likely increase (it is non-linear and again depends on the person and how aggressive the fat loss; the more aggressive, the higher probability of more muscle loss).

        So my suggestions are:
        1) read the the threads I linked above,
        2) understand that fat loss is driven by diet,
        3) pick a program (Hyp, Bridge are fine to re-run, as may HLM although I have not run it),
        4) reduce calories slowly (it will take a while but it will be the best way to maintain as much muscle mass and strength as possible)
        5) when you reach you target weight / waist measurement / body fat percentage (say from Navy calculator), stay there for a few months by building up calories slowly to maintenance
        6) after maintain for a few months (to allow the body to get used to that state) slowly increase calories up until you are gaining (Greg Nuckols suggests 2kgs to 3kgs of actual muscle per year is good muscle gain - I haven't done the maths as to how much body weight that is as it depends on how much you eat above maintenance and above the difficult to find "optimal" and resultant fat gain)
        7) when a bit fluffier than you prefer after months of gaining, go on a fat loss phase (Mr Nuckols again suggested somewhere on Stronger by Science about 9 months gaining, 3 months fat loss, and repeat each year).

        Of course this all depends on your individual metabolism on the spectrum of metabolisms, and your training sensitivity on said spectrum. Austin is one, for example, who never seems to go on a fat loss phase and hardly does GPP as he struggles to maintain 90kgs bodyweight and weighs himself in the evenings to ensure he doesn't drop below 90kgs. If he does he eats more before going to bed. Jordan on the other had does GPP and is more aware of his caloric intake as on the spectrum he has a tendency to gain unwanted body weight more easily than Austin.

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      For me, it's improved consistency when things get hectic (that's where I usually slack). I'm just going to focus on getting in some amount of stress during super busy weeks when I have to travel. To help get started with that, I've already searched and contacted gym owners in other cities on my travel list about drop-in fees and schedules.

      The second is to be more deliberate with working around niggling pains, which is also an area I slack in. If I get a pain in one area of the body, then it tends to make me lose my motivation to train in general. I want to continue pushing other lifts even if I have to drop the load for others due to these issues. I've already had to do that last week due to some golfer's elbow. I dropped the load for my GPP curl work, and replaced chin ups with some lighter lever rows. Also deloaded bench presses which also seemed to flare my arm up. Feels much better already this week, and I maintained my lifting loads everywhere else, so that is a huge success for me in terms of approach and execution.

      Other goal is to get down under 15% BF by the Navy Method, maybe as low as 12% or wherever a 33-34" waist puts me. I'm currently at 36" and 19%, which is down from 39" and 24% when I started two years ago. I hope to do this by early spring, which will set me up nicely for beach season as well a more controlled caloric surplus gain over the summer and fall. Accurate or not, I did the calculations last night, which say I've put on 17lbs of lean body mass in 2 years while dropping 3" off my waist. Not bad for a dude in his mid 40's who really wasn't as committed at times as he should have been to all this.

      Next is cardio/GPP, where I am the least consistent. I will not neglect or miss this in 2019.

      Finally my e1RM on bench right now is 303lbs. The most I've ever benched is 280x1@8. I'd like to get video of 315 for a single sometime this year. Only reason I have that as a goal is that I remember that seeming like a crazy amount of weight when I was in high school and college. It seems easily attainable now. For the other big lifts, just want to see those continue to go up slowly.


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        I turn 65 next month, 6', 204 pounds. In 2019 I'm hoping to qualify for the raw nationals in October, which means hitting a total of 1097 pounds as 93-kg-bodyweight competitor at a meet before then. Last March I made 1105 pounds at a USAPL meet in Albuquerque and I want to beat that this year. I'm hoping for a 400 pound squat, 500 dead, and 270 bench. My current estimated 1RM: 376 squat, 263 bench, 496 deadlift. Just need to stay healthy!
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