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  • RPE Spike

    had a big RPE spike today on my paused bench- had to cut my working sets down to the previous (6&7) but even those felt damn near 9s. This happen to you guys very often?

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    I think this is pretty common. Training is not linear and sometimes you have surges or decline in performance. Could be anything really. My squat feels like absolute shit about once every 5-6 weeks and I have to drop the weight 5-10% on that session, but the week after I'm back to baseline and usually a bit stronger.


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      Yep it happens from time to time. It can indeed be frustrating. Usually it resolves quickly, sometimes even by the next week. Just keep pressing forward and try not to focus too much on the short term noise of week to week fluctuations. Keep a long term view.


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        I think this is really common. When it happens to me I allow myself to be frustrated, but I don't panic. I just get the work done and focus on the next training session.