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    Looking to get rid of my rogue ohio powerlifting belt thats really old and much too big and looking at a bestbelt. Does anyone have better photos of the actual color choices? I am stuck between the rust, maroon, and red color

    Jordan Feigenbaum what color is yours?
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    I have both a navy and a forest green, and both look identical to the colors on the website. Their photos are a pretty good representation of what the color will look like in person.


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      I would keep in mind that different monitors and screens can display colors differently. They can be drastically different if the settings were messed with...but sometimes even so with default settings. If you are overly concerned, you might look at the pictures on more than one screen.

      I bought the navy, and I felt like it was slightly lighter in color (just a hair closer to the purple color) than the picture on my laptop.