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Substituting Incline Bench

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  • Substituting Incline Bench

    Hello All

    Im currently on Week 3 of the Hypertrophy template. My question is if substituting the Incline Bench exercises with Flat Bench are reasonable? Reason for this is I recently got my garage gym setup and only have a Flat Bench at the present moment. My hope is to obtain an adjustable bench in the coming weeks, but I’m trying to figure out an alternative in the mean time without having to go back to the commercial gym. Thanks for any help.


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    I think incline bench is considered to be a variation more so of press than bench press. If you care more about Press, then I would use a press variation here (maybe pin press or pause press at chin or forehead). If you care more about bench press, then I would just do touch n go benches here.


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      Just stack some blocks and use a square and level to get the angle you want and put one end of the flat bench on them. Put a 2x4 or bar across the cage uprights behind you if you're worried about pushing too hard with leg drive.

      That's how Incline was done before adjustable benches.


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        Thanks for your inputs. I've been intrigued by "Pin Pressing", so I may try that eventually. I'm going to try and find a way to prop the bench up to achieve the proper incline angle and see how that goes. Thanks again