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    I spend some of last year fucking around with a linear progression program that includes assistance exercises and have come to the realization that I think I'm wasting my time doing them. The program includes only two of the big 4 lifts a day and only one of them is done for lower reps (the other is 3x10). I think I would benefit from a program that incorporates the compound movements more especially as I am getting interested in powerlifting and getting strong.

    These are my stats:
    Age: 17
    BW: 77kg
    Squat: 110kg
    Bench: 65kg
    Deadlift: 110kg
    OHP: 57.5kg

    My question is whether I should switch back to doing the Novice Progression or start The Bridge. Ultimately I'd like to do the bridge and follow with HLM.

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    I would do The Bridge, it's better if you look it in the long term, also if you do SSLP you probably won't increase too much your numbers and would end up grinding reps pretty early, go with the Bridge and learn RPE and the gainz will come


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      A person will always focus more intently and execute better on something if that person actually wants to.
      Originally posted by josh View Post
      Ultimately I'd like to do the bridge and follow with HLM.
      Do The Bridge and HLM, because ultimately you actually want to. That alone will likely make The Bridge and HLM more successful for you than SSLP.

      Go nuts josh!