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  • Deadlift form check

    Hello everyone,
    I need an objective review for my deadlift form, I think my back is rounded a bit but I keep going back and forth on the matter. I try to set my back as best as possible with getting my chest up and squeezing my lats but My back is never flat.
    I also have scoliosis , about 30 degrees since I was young with no pain, so that might have something to do with it but I don't know if it dose really.
    This is 185KG X 5 at RPE 7

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    Hi Dosh,

    from a "lifting max" point of view, you can probably work on your technique a little bit. Video is not the best with being so close and stuff in the way,...

    From an "Oh my god, look at his rounded back, injury is coming youtube comment bs" point of view (i guess that is basically your question) your DL is fine. Your body has adapted to your form in will further adapt to it. It seems that studies dont show a correlation between technique (form) and injury.

    Please have a look here: