Hello everyone,
Sorry for asking this again but I did not get a clear answer or I did not understand it.I have been squating low bar for 6 months but the bar was not centered in my back, the center of the bar was more to the left.It felt centered because of the scoli(I think).I believe it is not a good strategy to shift the bar to my left such that I'm closer to the plates on the my right side. Making this an inch or two asymmetric does feel like the weight is centered on my back.if I put the center of the bar in the center of my back and the bar sitting on my rear delts,one rear delt is a little higher than the other and the weight shifts more to my right side.Leah told me that if it is a small asymmetry I could keep squating and get stronger in this position.If that doesnt work,should I move the bar higher of the rear delt on one side?