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Just registered for my first powerlifting meet...

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  • Just registered for my first powerlifting meet...

    Hi all,

    I just registered for my first ever powerlifting meet on June 22, 2019.
    I have recently come off of SSLP and I have begun The Bridge 1.0 this week. My goal for training is to complete The Bridge 1.0 and then do a 12 Week Strength template since that has the peaking/meet prep included.
    A few of my stats: 45 years old. 5'9", 205 pounds.
    Recent 1RM: Squat 335 lbs, deadlift 315 lbs, bench press 200 lbs, press 160 lbs. My numbers are not that significant but I think with following these programs until meet time, I should have a successful increase.

    I'd appreciate any advice on training, nutrition, supplementation that could be useful leading up to a meet.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's your first meet, so I'd say just train hard and eat well in accordance of your goals.

    I think you'll likely see good progress if you stick the program.

    Only bit of advice is don't freak out if you hit a few bumps in the road on the bridge. It's a pretty big shift in training style after the SSLP, and RPE takes some getting used to. So be patient.


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      Thanks, I'm already overshooting the loading for the RPE and coming in a bit easy on others. But this is only my first week trying to use it.

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      I would also suggest recording your lifts and reviewing it AFTER the session and compare it against your recorded RPE. I think it's pretty common for beginners to rate their RPE higher than it really is. However I personally don't think that's a huge deal, either. Most trainees will still make good progress on a program that calls for a bunch of @8 sets, but it turns out they did them all @7. As long as you're getting meaningful volume in at reasonably heavy weights, you'll see gains.

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    Maybe this helps: