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  • Added Press Volume- Opinions

    I wanted to get people’s thoughts on adding press volume at the end of a session. I was thinking of doing a Myo-Rep Press variation at the end of my session, but wanted to get some opinions if that is a good way to go about it? Would doing EMOM or AMRAP be a better way to go? Or should I just stick to the program? My press and bench have stalled and would like to see if that would help. Going to run the bridge after finishing up the 3 Day hyper.

    I probably need to add to add more information, but wanted to throw it out there as a general question and see what others do.


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    The hypertrophy template isn't really geared toward making your 1RM go up. It may, or it may not, but it's totally normal that your max may not be going up regularly on that template. You could certainly try adding myoreps to the end of your workout, but I would do a dumbbell variation on an off day if it were me.

    but you issue may not even be volume.