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Losing Weight with Type 1 Diabetes

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  • Losing Weight with Type 1 Diabetes

    Hi, I am type-1 diabetic person and I was reading through The Bridge program and saw this: "For a very overweight person who is seeking to lose a significant amount of body fat quickly, this likely isn't the best program."

    Is there a template (or other program) you suggest for very overweight people to track daily energy expenditure or who need to lose a lot of body fat?

    It's been hard to lose weight along with the Diabetes and the strict diet and my addiction to binge eat.
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    Reading your post two things were bouncing around my mind:
    1. Ask the question directly of Jordan or Austin in the moderated forums
    2. This will need expert medical advice, with a doctor who is cognisant and understanding of barbell training, thus 1) above.
    You should not seek an answer on random forums as most if not all members have no idea how to approach the situation (I certainly don't and wont pretend to). Ask the experts, and we are lucky in BBM that Jordan and Austin are here to interact with us and answer our questions, and your questions are for them (only them in my opinion). Please do ask the same question of Jordan and Austin in the moderated forums. I would dare say that the answer to your question may well require a consult with them.

    I am sure they will help you as they are extraordinarily patient, knowledgeable, can apply that knowledge, and very helpful.


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      Originally posted by amygates View Post
      Is there a template (or other program) you suggest for very overweight people who need to lose a lot of body fat?
      I agree with
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      teddyd that any weight loss advice for you should be handled by a medical professional. But to answer your question about the programming: a lot of people seem to have success running the 3-day Hypertrophy Template from BBM while losing weight. The increased volume, lower intensities, and increased conditioning work lend themselves well to weight loss.


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        Yeah I am not aware of why weight loss would be any different for a diabetic than anyone else other than maybe some alterations to macros from the normal recommendations. But it probably wouldn't hurt to ask Jordan above in the nutrition forum to be certain. Someone can run the bridge in a moderate deficit (something like maybe 1% of body weight loss per week max) and be just fine. Though, as llaffin mentioned, the hypertrophy templates are a bit better for a deficit. You could also alternate both the bridge and hypertrophy templates if you're going to be in a long term deficit.
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