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Is there any compilation of cues for compound lifts here?

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  • Serack
    I don't think there's really a shortcut on the movement cues. The best reference might be to just pound Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength Basic Barbell Training (SSBBT). I know when I tried to help my friend new to BBT, it was invaluable in providing cues in trying to tweak his movements.

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  • xxispawn01xx

  • Is there any compilation of cues for compound lifts here?

    Hi ya'll first post here. Big big fan. Been watching your YT channel (especially Baraki) for months, videos, notes, reading through all the relevant blogs, and hope to post a video or three soon.

    A few questions I have

    1) is there any compilation of lifting cues for various compound movements? There are a couple I have picked up, some subtle that helped immensely (ie not raising elbows on the DESCENT of squat, helped A LOT with my rotator cuff and bicep pain).
    1a) particularly curious about the lifting cues for dropping the DL weight. On Thrall's channel Baraki said to go down straight, no knee bend, ass gradually out, dont' bend until bar clears the knees.
    2) If I wear a belt and have some flab (just placed my order on general leathercraft) on my midsection, how does this affect my belt positions for lifts? Anything to be cognizant of due to the flab?