Hey all,

I know we have a few people here that use or have used velocity trackers, like OpenBarbell, to help guide their training. Alex Kovaleski , Sean Herbison (maybe), John Hanley . Me.

I wanted to start a discussion around how you integrate it into your training and, specifically, how you use it to add some objectivity to the subjectivity of RPE.

I started using an OpenBarbell over a year ago. I started by collecting a few week's worth of data and correlating bar speed to a RPE for my comp lifts. I came up with a range for a given RPE, which seemed to make sense. I used that to guide my training.

However, I'm starting to think that these speeds are no longer really useful to me. For example, I have recently exhibited that I can move slower in a squat than the speeds in my table would indicate. So, perhaps I need to adjust these a bit.

It's also made me question the value of using the device.

Has anyone seen fit to adjust their expected speeds in relation to an RPE over time? From my description, does my usage of the tool make sense and what could I consider doing to make it better?

Do you track speeds for your supplemental lifts? If so, do you think they differ enough to have different speed ranges than the comp lifts? Or, in general, is a squat enough of a squat that it's not worth developing different "curves" (plotting RPE vs speed), for supplemental lifts?

Any feedback is much appreciated. Looking forward to the discussion!