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Form Checks, Squat/Press/ Deadlift

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  • Form Checks, Squat/Press/ Deadlift

    ~165 lbs

    Squat, 155lbs:

    This is after a deload from 210lbs. I was having issues with keeping lower back tightness, losing tightness at bottom. Rewatching old training, I was losing tightness when I attempted to break at hips/bend knees together. Deloaded weight in order to get better at maintaining said tightness. I still see a little "butt wink" but not enough to make me worried. Will initiate a faster LP (15-20lb increase) for this movement, regularly posting form checks.

    Press, 75lbs:

    These are ugly. The highest I have ever gotten is 95lbs with press ~1 year ago. I have issues with grip width in the sense of my grip allowing me space to push forward to maintain bar path. If I have a grip for vertical forearms, I find it difficult to push my chest/head forward. If I widen my grip to make previous mentioned movement easier, I notice left elbow pain and limited ROM at the top. The biggest thing I notice here is that it seems the bar is starting waaayyyy front of mid foot. Will attempt a better angle next time to show feet.

    Deadlift, 245lbs:

    I'm pretty happy with these. Fatigue caused reps 4 and 5 to take a bit longer, but I feel the bar path stayed pretty good regardless of minor wiggles in between reps.

    Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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    Squats look pretty good, just light. The walkout starts fine, but then you're swaying left to right a lot once you get in the right spot. Cut that part out and it will be solid. And I'd maybe slow down the descent a bit, mainly the beginning of it. But again, this is light for you so I'd like to see what it looks like at a heavier weight.

    Press: I wouldn't hold it so long at the top, press and then bring it back down once you lock it out. You could make the eccentric part a little quicker. As far as bar path, I actually think it's pretty good, other than at lockout it's drifting backwards because you're holding it for so long.

    Deadlift looks pretty good as well. I would get your head down a little bit, and don't exhale at lockout. Stay tight until the rep is over and then breathe.

    Overall I think your form is pretty good. You mentioned your press from a year ago, have you been lifting consistently for the last year? If so, it seems like you may be obsessing over having perfect form. We want good form, yes, but focusing on keeping your form perfect will keep you from progressing in weight.


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      Thanks for the response! I'll definitely cut out some of the movements before the primary for the squat. Wiggling side to side/back to front is just sort of my way of finding midfoot. Want to drill those ideas in my head so when the weight gets heavy I know exactly where to be. However, it does seem a bit exaggerated so I'll work on that. I definitely see what you're saying about press. I think that added time at lockout is what's tiring me out so fast. I'll cut out that extra time at top and hopefully will make the movement more manageable.

      I've been lifting on/off for a few years. Will always be like 2-4 months on then 6-8 off. I've made the commitment to training now, setting some personal goals for the year.


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        The bar placement on your squat looks off center. It also seems like the bar was moving around on your back some during the reps like it wasn't locked in real well. You may need to get tighter or it was just a consequence of the bar not being centered.

        As for the press, you're not quite using your hips correctly at the start. There is too much of a delay from you bringing your hips forward and then pressing. The pressing should occur only slightly behind the hips going forward, but should start near to the end of the hips coming forward. I also think you should try to do the reverse of the upwards movement more so on your way back down. You're just keeping your head in the same position on the way down which will likely be more difficult to do when the weights go up as I'd expect you're not midfoot the entire time lowering the weight.

        The deadlifts looked the best to me out of all of the videos aside from the last rep. The last rep got away from your legs. Be sure you're engaging your lats to keep it against your legs and also make sure to not be on your toes. It looks like it wasn't on purpose though given the previous reps weren't like this. The only other comment is to work on not hitting your knees when lowering the weight back down. Again, this should be the reverse of what you did on the way up with the weight.
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