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Mental Block on Squats

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  • Mental Block on Squats

    I am struggling mentally with the squat. It used to be my favorite lift. Since recovering from an SI joint issue in mid-December I have not been able to mentally get into doing the squat and I'm not sure why. My squat has gone up from 180 at the beginning of November to 210 at the beginning of February (215 was a struggle, but I got it), but only with the "pushing" of my trainer. How can I get past this so I can see some real gainz? I should add that for the past few weeks I have not done any of the supplemental squat lifts because at times this apprehension has gotten almost paralyzing. Help!

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    You just have to squat more. If you're medically cleared to squat, then squat. It's ok to keep the loads light and slowly build up your confidence if that's what it takes. You don't have to race to get back to all time PR's. But you will have to squat to get through it.