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Deadlift troubleshooting shoulders too far over the bar? and squat form check

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  • Deadlift troubleshooting shoulders too far over the bar? and squat form check

    Hey there I'm 27 years old 5'8" 165lbs, 32inch waste, and a size 9 shoe.

    So I've been trying to learn how to deadlift following the SS 5 step model however I feel that my shoulders are too far over the bar when I set up. I read that a correct deadlift will have the bar over midfoot and the middle of the scapula over the bar. However the bar is behind the scapula when I set up.

    side view of deadlift scapula not in line with barbell.

    Front view of deadlift. I noticed when I froze the video I had a double knee bend going on from what I read would mean I'm pulling with my back off the floor.

    And the squat I noticed my heels coming off the ground in this video I've always had a tendency to fall forward.

    I would also like to note that I started lifting almost 2 years ago and took a break 1 year in do to knee and low back pain so now I'm trying to learn the lifts properly so I can fix my issues since they didn't go away with almost a years worth of rest.

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    Well normally I would ask "does it hurt when you do the movement" if no then its good form. I would say work on load/fatigue management. That is the most simple answer to your question, if that doesn't work try adjusting the way you do the movements until you find a way that is comfortable. Also what is your goal with barbell training?


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      To get stronger. When I first started deadlifting I would just grab the bar pull and my back would get sore. Eventually I met this guy that told me my back hurt because I was letting my hips shoot up at the beginning of the lift. So he told me to keep my hips down and push the ground away. I did this and any and all back pain went away "I've always had light back pain even before lifting" so after 3 months of lifting I pulled at 165lbs body weight 385 for six singles double overhand grip. That was the best I ever did because after that I tried Oly lifting and that's where I developed my low back and knee pain along with some other issues. I think I got tendinitis from the Oly lifting. my knees and hips feel stiff and I feel like I walk a bit awkward at times, my back feels stiff and gives me pain if I sit too long and my hands feel weaker and fatigue faster than they ever had.


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        what does your programming currently look like?


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          Not much I didn't start doing anything until about a month ago which has consisted of basically half a dozen times in the gym using just enough weight for some form checks so no real training.