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Approach to 3-day hypertrophy starting week #5

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  • Approach to 3-day hypertrophy starting week #5

    Hi, all.

    Sorry if this has been asked and answered. Just curious how others have approached warm-ups and work sets for the competition lifts starting in week #5 of the 3-day GPP Hypertrophy template.

    I’m considering this protocol: Warm up with sets of 6 until I reach RPE6, then do first work set of [email protected], next jump up and do the single @8, then finally back down and finish off with the final two work sets of [email protected]

    How are others approaching it? Especially if you’re opening with the single @8 before moving on to the [email protected], are you just warming up with singles?


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    You could certainly do that, especially if you're looking to save time. If you don't do a [email protected] first, you'll want to do a single before the [email protected] to make sure you can increase the weight this week. That "pre-single" should probably be about RPE 7.

    Prior to the [email protected], I like to do a double or triple @~6, and before that I do sets at the same number of reps as the backoff sets.


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      Thanks, Keithf.

      Well, I can tell you that tonight for the opening squat I tried my proposed protocol of the first set of [email protected] before the [email protected], idea. That first set of [email protected] really gassed me for ensuing single. I overshot the RPE (I had guestimated the weight using my e1RM from the first [email protected]) and it became an @9+. Ugh. .

      Gave up on the idea on the next lift (press) and just started off with the [email protected] (after warm ups, of course) with a weight that is much more in line with my e1RM.

      Lesson learned.

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    I've done Bridge 1.0, 3 Day Hypertrophy and Bridge 3.0 and my approach is to drop rep count as you warm up to the [email protected] Once I got above roughly 60% E1RM, I would begin to drop the rep count down in each consecutive warmup. Due to time constraints I would typically only do a warmup single to dial in my estimate of a [email protected] on days when I was either feeling particularly good or particularly bad or I simply had the time in hand. I found that the double ~85% was usually enough to gauge how I felt and whether my target for [email protected] was going to be good. I'd also make the rest between the last warmup and my [email protected] either equal to or a bit longer than the planned rest period for the working sets. Just to make sure to clear the fatigue from the warmups.

    I've personally found the Hypertrophy programs to be a bit more taxing in general due to the extra tonnage each day. I'd expect I'd feel fatigued trying a [email protected] after a [email protected] on standard rest as well. A 3 or 4 @8 even though higher intensity doesn't seem to affect me as much for the next set.