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deadlift form check update

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  • deadlift form check update

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    I worked on getting my hips lower without moving the barbell forward in order to get my scapula over the barbell. However I'm still feeling alot of soreness, strain in the lower back when doing the lift and especially when i wake up in the morning.


    side: I tracked the bar path on this set and noticed the bar moving a bit out at the beginning and coming back in. Also that the bar has a nearly perfect straight path when setting it down

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    For the bar moving forward a little during the pull up:
    This may be because it still needs to get around your knees, which means you are not "pushing the floor away" to straighten your knees in time to clear the bar around them on the way up. Chances are, if you were lifting a weight closer to your max, this would be much less noticeable.

    By the way, you may get more responses if you post form checks on the facebook group.
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      Thanks for the feedback !