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Number of reps on warm up sets

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  • Number of reps on warm up sets

    Anyone other than me who like to do a lot of reps on the first warm up sets?

    Take bench press for example. I'll do somewhere between 25 and 40 reps with the bar. 10-15 reps with 60kg (132lbs). 6-10 with 100kg(220lbs) and from there I'll keep it under 5 reps up until my working weight.

    I see many people talking about doing the bar for a couple of sets of 5 and staying with the 5 reps for all the sets leading up their working weight. I just feel like doing just 5 reps with the bar would do absolutely nothing for me as it is just to light.

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    Have you tried not doing so many reps with the bar? Personally, I do a set of 8 with the empty bar (except deadlift, where I start with 135) and then start adding weight. I don't feel like I need all that much to get going.


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      I do one set with the bar for the number of reps my working weighs are. So if there are 6 reps in the working sets (i.e. @7 and greater), one set of six reps with the bar (20kgs), then on to 40kgs for 6 reps for bench press (for example), and so on. I don't get or feel 'tight' so I see no reason to keep doing a million reps with the bar. I have found when I did greater number of resp with the bar or any warm up, technique and reps get sloppy. If you feel 'tight' or cold, do two sets with the bar for 6 (or whatever), then do two sets with the bar with the next warm up, and then just do 6 reps going up to your work weights.


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        THe empty bar is too light for me to practice good technique with, so once I'm comfortable going through the full range of motion free of discomfort I move up. Maybe 6 or 8 reps maximum.

        When I want to work up more slowly I'll do 70 pounds, 95 pounds and 115 pounds before 135 pounds.


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          I like a heuristic I first heard from John Broz: empty bar until I work up a sweat, plate math and singles/doubles up to work sets.
          This is not always possible without wearing sweats, which is a good argument for wearing them, imo.


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            Sweating depends so much on temperature and clothing (like you mentioned) that it's a useless measure to me. This time of year, I can do an entire session in my garage without hardly sweating. In the Summer, though, I break a set immediately despite having a fan blowing directly on me.

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          Other than you, I guess there might be some. I hate them, still do them. Hate them.

          I did try an old body building formula, 10 reps at half the target weight, maybe two sets. Seems to work.


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            Admittedly I dont really warm up for the bench because i typically bench right after squatting or deadlifting.
            So i'll do
            1x5 with bar
            1x5 with 95
            2x5 with 135
            1x5 with 185
            1x5 with 225 then working weight
            Rational being that im fairly decently conditioned so i dont need to warm up alot and squatting and deadlifting will already have increased my heart rate and increase body temperature.