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Managing stress and training with increased workloads.

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  • Managing stress and training with increased workloads.

    So I need to get some life/training advice. It seems my lifts are going up again with the 12 week press template except my deadlift seems to be flat or going down a bit. Now, my life has been a stressful mess over the past few months so that I’m sure plays along with it. That and because of the stree and underperformance of my deadlifts some old bad nutritional habits have started to rear their ugly head again which I know at times hinders my deadlifts due to lack of recovery/fuel/sleep (around 5 hours a night). My first question would be is there any evidence to show that deadlifts in particular are more susceptible to outside life stressors/nutritional mismanagement than say the squat or press? My lifts are nowhere near what I would consider “standard”. Bodyweight sits around 175. OHP is around 140, bench around 235, squat around 320, and deadlift on a good day I could probably grind out 405. As I move my lifts up would the lack of sleep become more of a factor? Today I had to have two cups of coffee and two scoops of periRx with caffeine to barely not pass out.

    Also what have others done to get their mind around the fact that their training isn’t taking time away from other things? I train at 2am so that I get it out of the way before my wife and kids are awake. If I do it in the evening my mind can never focus since I always want to be upstairs not in my rack. Training after they go to sleep is not an option. I’m not a night person and tend to crash pretty hard even with adequate sleep the night before.