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  • Straps

    Maybe a dumb question:

    Yesterday I tried straps for the first time with RDLs and the straps really chaffed my wrists and irritated them a decent amount.

    Is this reasonable and takes some getting used to? Or could I be doing something incorrectly? I followed a how to video and they seem intuitive enough...

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    One guess: they're not on tight enough at the start of your sets. Seems like you should only get chafing if they are moving around & rubbing on your wrists during the sets, which might happen if they start out too loose. That said, I've only ever used the type of straps where you put the loop around your wrist and wrap the strap around the bar.


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      I agree with ropable, that's likely the problem. Make sure they're tight on your upper hand, not on your wrist, Despite most people calling them "wrist wraps", that's not where they should settle. If they're already there, try rotating them a bit tighter. I can find or make a quick video if you need more explanation.

      Edit: What type of straps are you using? I generally use Ironmind's Sew-Easy type, but I have others as well.


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        Appreciate it! I just got some Harbinger straps for RDLs, which I haven’t done prior to the 3 day hypertrophy program I am currently running.

        I did have more around my wrists so that could likely be the issue if it’s supposed to be more around hands. It was manageable but irritating enough to distract from the sets.