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  • Post Workout - What to do...

    When I am finished my prescribed weight workout for the day, I usually just walk to the change room.
    Should I not be doing some sort of post workout stretching or mobility?

    Is that a good time to do some LISS cardio on a stationary bike?
    Is it OK to do such cardio work after doing squats or deadlifts or would that be too much "leg work"?


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    I think the bbm advice would be there no need to do any stretching or mobility work if you are able to perform all the required lifts .

    for cardio I believe it’s best to schedule it on off days if possible or separate it from training by few hours . If this isn’t a possibility then doing cardio post workout just fine


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      No need for stretching or mobility work. I'd check this article out on the topic if you haven't yet:

      You're more than free to do your GPP cardio right after your regular workouts if that fits your schedule better or you prefer to, but I wouldn't be doing it for any "recovery" reasons or anything like that.


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        Thanks. I only want to do conditioning because other than getting stronger, I've let that all fall to the side, I get winded easy!