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Front squatting with straps?

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  • Front squatting with straps?

    Does anyone have any experience using this method? I struggle to maintain the clean rack position but i also really hate high bar squats so was going to experiment with the straps method during a pivot week before my next run of HLM. If neither work I may resort to just low bar squatting beltless as my variation.

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    I tried it. I prefer to force myself to stretch into the front rack position, but it works ok. It feels harder to balance pulling on the two straps evenly than to balance the finger tips of the front rack.


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      Fingertips FTW. Tried straps. No good.
      Sometimes I do arms crossed with the fingers resting on the top of the bar just by my shoulders.


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        I prefer to do these with straps. Also not ashamed to admit to padding the bar with a rolled towel.


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          I can't front squat in the proper rack position, and don't care enough to invest the time to achieve it. The straps felt sketchy - like any mistake would have the bar rolling forward out of control. Arms crossed feels best to me.

          Brian Alsruhe has a few good videos on front squats on YouTube. The tip that helped me the most was to rack the bar on your shoulders, then drop your chin and keep it down. That took pressure off my neck.


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            Mike Tuscherer is home brewing 3d printed front squat handles and posts about them on Instagram. He also shares the files if you ask.

            I've been playing around with using two straps long enough the go from the bar over my shoulders, around and under my arms, pushing the the straps forward holding them in my hands. Works by pulling the bar into my throat/shoulders. Works pretty well so far.


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              Thank you for all the tips guys! Saw Tuscherer's handles and they look pretty cool, will look back over alsruhe's stuff too. The issue is my wrist mobilty more then anything to be honest but for now i'm going to be running the endurance template. When I get back to HLM i will attempt high bar again or give some of these methods ago. Thanks again!