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Sometimes I get bored.

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  • Sometimes I get bored.

    I am currently a few weeks out from completing my first run of the 12 week strength template. Prior to that I ran the GPP/hyp template.

    I'm curious what you all are doing for your conditioning. I have been using the air bike and rower, but I'd like to switch things up a little...let me what your GPP/conditioning days look like!

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    Great question! I too would like to hear what others have to say. IN general, I like to watch documentaries on netflix or something mentally stimulating when I do LISS or else I will want to stop after about 5 minutes. If I am with my girlfriend, we will talk or plan what we are going to have for dinner or recap our day as we usually train after work.

    generally do these when it's cold outside and I am feeling lazy and just want to watch a movie or youtube videos
    -stair climber
    -incline treadmill walks
    -swimming in indoor pool

    -swimming in indoor pool
    -sled pushes
    -assault bike ( I actually get off between sprints so my butt does not fall asleep)
    -row ( I actually get off between sprints so my butt does not fall asleep)

    weather is nice outside
    -go hiking (also a great way to spend time with your dog and/or girlfriend)
    -inline skating

    I also play ice hockey 3-4 times a week, so If I miss a conditioning session occasionally, I don't worry about it too much.

    Especially for sprints, if you are training with someone else, make it a game. My girlfriend was a college swimmer so our swim speeds are damn near the same so we race each other which makes it a little more interesting
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      Sometimes I swim or go for an actual bike ride... one time I counted gpp as kayaking, another riding one of those pedal boats around a lake lol. The truth is that the stationary rower and bike, unless you’re like a conditioned rower or cyclist, are the two best conditioning tools you can use for gpp. They are easily and consistently “loadable”, they are typically inside, so inclement weather isn’t a factor in your performance, and they have little to no eccentric loading, which means the stress from using those tools is much more manageable and is far less likely to impede your regular lifting. In addition, chances are you don’t do them on days other than gpp, which makes them much more novel stressors.

      Do you ever read or listen to a podcast while doing it?
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        Yeah I will listen to podcasts during LISS, that definitely makes the time go a little quicker. Last week I did some farmer's walks with a loaded trap bar. It was good, but very taxing. I also did some prowler work, which was pretty good too.

        I used to do a circuit which included DB thrusters, box jumps, some sort of ab work, and maybe air squats or medicine ball slams. I have also done some sprints with the battle ropes, but that was before I was running BBM and those things don't really fit well with the other prescribed arm work (for me).

        I like the rower and air bike, seems like the most 'bang for the buck.' The air bike remains my 'go to' tool for cardio.


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          Do any of you guys find your ass falls asleep if you do LISS on the air bike or rower?


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            Originally posted by ericjspencley View Post
            Do any of you guys find your ass falls asleep if you do LISS on the air bike or rower?
            Pretty much every time...