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Pain i biceps after squats

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  • Pain i biceps after squats

    My biceps hurt like a mother after heavy squats. Anything I can do to get the pain to go away?

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    Biceps is a non-intuitive place to experience pain following squats, but then as we know: pain is weird. How long have you been training, and how long have you been getting this pain? All the usual advice for squats and elbow pain probably applies here: manage the load better, experiment with your grip type (thumbs over/around, talon) and placement (width), substitute low bar for high bar, front squat or SSB, etc. The intent is to find the most-similar technique and load that doesn't make the problem worse and work your own way through it like that, while the gold standard is obviously to organise a consult with one of the BBM crew.


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      I had the exact same issue. I was loading my arms with the weight instead of my back.

      I widened my grip and stopped wrapping my thumb around the bar, just letting my hands sit where they were comfortable. The pain decreased substantially almost immediately, but it can take weeks for it to go away entirely.
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        Check out this article from Jordan:

        Also, what's your programming look like?