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  • Bench Press [email protected] stuck

    So since I have found BBM programming, I have run Bridge 1.0, Bridge 3.0, and am now on week 6 of 4-Day Hypertrophy. When I finished Bridge 1.0, my final Bench [email protected] was 195 lbs, then on week 2 of Bridge 3.0 I did 205 lbs for [email protected] In the 12 weeks since then, my bench [email protected] hasn't gone up, and ever time I try to get 210 or 215 the rep, if I get it at all, is @9. I'd like to start the 12 week strength template after next week, but I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, or if this is just something that happens to some people?

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    Same thing happened to me. While you can build strength on the hypertrophy template, I wouldn't worry. My bench has increased 25 pounds on the strength from a 225 1 @8 to 250 1 @ 8.


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      OK. Thanks!!

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    The Bridge just probably wasn't enough volume to continue to drive Bench progress. The 4-Day hypertrophy is a good start - I'd expect your bench to start trending upwards if you do the 12WK strength right after it. Bench can be a stubborn beast


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      I ran the bridge back to back as well and found that during my second run, my definition of what an @8 felt like began to change. I didn’t trust what what was going on, so to test this, instead of doing a single @8, I would do 2-3 more reps after just to see if I did indeed have 2 reps in reserve. I did this one time for each movement I was beginning to question, and I would use weights that I would have rated @9 in my first run of the bridge. It turned out I was seriously underrating. All of my @9’s turned out to be @8’s at the time, some of them even @7’s.

      Your perception of RPE changes over time based on your training length which includes practicing the movements and in that, your personal confidence, which may be higher or lower depending on who you are. For me, it was lower. I don’t know you and I don’t necessarily recommend doing what I did as it’s probably counterproductive from a fatigue management standpoint, but I tell this story because maybe it will resonate with you and help you have greater confidence in yourself (if you need it) and not be afraid to push yourself in the gym. Your @9’s might really be @8’s.

      Or you just need more volume lol.


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        Originally posted by tfranc View Post
        Your @9’s might really be @8’s.
        And even if they are not, I don't see a big issue tiptoing into @9 singles occasionally. One week it feels @9, the other it will be @8.


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          I'd like to not assume much about you, so are you a male or female? What's your bodyweight? Do you have really long arms? The answers to these MAY affect how reasonable those bench numbers are.

          There's two main things you should consider changing when your lift stalls: the formulation of your programming and/or the dose of your training stress. Usually correcting for one of those is enough to get progress moving again. Considering you've been responding well in the past to BBM programming, it may not be the formulation but rather the dose; also bench and press usually require more attention in terms of volume to get more of a training response than the lower body lifts. So, I my hunch as of now is that adding sets in whatever way is best for you (spread out throughout the week or adding it all to one session) is the answer.


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            Honestly I think run the 4 Day Hypertrophy as is - and then see how you go with the 12 week strength program. I wouldn't add any additional volume on top of that just yet, unless things are going the other way for multiple weeks. Based on my experience, I think it'll all pay off during the 12 week strength program.