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For those who hate going beltless

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  • For those who hate going beltless

    So here you are having to do a beltless variation of an exercise and despite it being lighter in weight it always feels like crap with your form being all over the place? Is this you? Well do I have a solution for you:

    Leave your belt at a very relaxed setting just sitting there on your waist.

    My theory why beltless variations feel like shit at anything above super light weights is mostly because of the lacking proprioceptive feedback you are already used to from the belted competition lifts. Leaving the belt on at a very relaxed setting you still get the proprioceptive feedback that keeps your form in check while at the same time gives you little to no support you usually get when going heavier at a tighter setting.

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    I would disagree that “beltless variations feel like shit” and suggest that’s a potential nocebo


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      I'm not saying that it feels like crap for literally everyone. It could be nocebo but it could also be the lack of proprioceptive feedback of the belt especially if used to that for many years beforehand. I personally really don't notice the lack of a belt on sets of 8 or more reps but on sets of 5 or less with RPE8+ it's really noticeable to me and I've read similar experiences around here and in the FB group.

      Leaving the belt on at a very loose setting preserves the feedback you get from the belt while not providing the "support" you get when tightened down. This should limit the loading and thus fatigue a little as per the original idea of the beltless variations so I think it doesn't hurt and might be helpful to some.


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        If it aids you in training productively long term, go for it.