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Form Check Squat (240lbs/M/5'10)

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  • Form Check Squat (240lbs/M/5'10)

    My wrist comes up every now and then and I feel like my left wrist always limits my squat. I tried to make sure to grip them in the same place in both hands and ideally with the same strength. I follow Baraki's videos A LOT, and he seems to have wrist flexion but having that makes me feel super uncomfable and hurts my left wrists after a few

    I had posted here before and took into account some of the pointers posters put here including lowering depth and bringing my feet closer together, fixing my walk out. Somethign I think I was also doing wrong that I have been working on more recently has been extending my lumbar spine a little (I was just hinging before) and jumping into and out of the hole in my squat. That reflex helps a lot and I feel stronger as long as I don't hypertextend. So in the last two weeks I have been deloading due to this and a cut.

    One seperate question I wanted to ask was about bars. I have a more rigid bar that doesn't sem like it bends (25lb), one that bends under heavy weights (25lbs) and a 45lb that doens't bend. Which compound movements should I use which bar types? My intuition is for bench/shoulder press it can be the more rigid one, for the others, one that bends towards the ends?

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    Have you tried different grip widths? Maybe go a little wider?
    You could also try wrist wraps.


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      Are you making sure to keep your lats engaged, and back tight? I always think that I'm trying to bend the bar across my back, using the weight on the bar against an 'engaged' back - if you will. I remember Alan Thrall talking about this. My palms rest against the barbell. I do not grip the bar or put any stress on my wrists, which it appears you are doing. Remember this is a big compound lift. Use your body when squatting. Personally I'd be using an Ohio bar or the 45 pounder. One thing I noticed as well as it seems you sometimes lean a little too far forward at the bottom of your squat.


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        Also added my deadlift today gentlemen, just two reps in there. It was my an extra two before cleans.