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    Hi All,

    I would love to get everyone's thoughts on my squat form if you have a second. I just started The Bridge last week coming off The Texas Method and am looking forward to some great progress. I am new to RPE, so I'd also love to hear if you think I'm on target or off the mark on my RPE estimates (as indicated in text on each set).

    The 4th set became a bit challenging so I dropped the weight 5% on my 5th set.

    I know the camera angle isn't ideal so i will try to get some footage from the side next time. Camera is set about hip height.

    Age: 34
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 210


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    Overall, they look good! If I had to nit pick one thing, I do notice is that you knees tend to shoot back 1-2 inches immediately upon ascending out of the hole. Perhaps try to keep your knees further back during the squat descent.

    Also, while RPE is completely subjective ( and I won't tell you which sets I am talking about and whether or not I think you undershot or overshot the RPE as not to nocebo you) for @8, ask yourself, "Am I 100% certain without a doubt that I had 2 solid reps left?". This is still the thing that I battle with the most. Some days my ego gets big and I think I've got it but I overshoot the RPE and then the next session I feel like I undershot the RPE. Just keep up the good work and just be honest with yourself!


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      Yes, I would agree with Eric about your knees (glutes) shooting back out of the hole. I would recommend staring the decent of squat by breaking at the hips and knees together—I think this would allow for a little more forward knee travel during the decent. You just have to work hard to keep the knees slightly forward during the beginning of the ascent rather than shooting them backwards. This may require a slight reduction in weight as you practice the technique.

      I hope this helps you! I am not an expert, but I have been lifting and coaching for over two decades. I am still learning after all these years! Have a blessed day!



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        Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback. Will focus on my knees during training tomorrow