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  • Basketball programming

    So this question specifically has to do with programming. Since joint angles of the quarter squat translate to vertical jump and sprinting ability (Rhea et al., 2016) . Would you program the quarter squat as your primary squat movement and full range of motion squats as a supplemental squat? Since the end result for a basketball player is not to squat the most weight but to sprint and jump for a ball. Just getting the forum members take on it. I feel like you would program it the way I mentioned above.

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    Cory Schlesinger, the S&C guy for Stanford MBB has a lot of material out there about exercise selection and the other programming variables.

    I think his approach is reasonable given the constraints of the program and the needs of this players. I don't think his logic resides around joint angles.


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      I am listening to it right now I’ll post any questions after.


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        So far the only thing that I am “eh....” about is the discussion of FRC.