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    Hello, all!

    I’ve run Bridge 1.0 and then Bridge 3.0 and have seen great strength gains. My original plan was to go straight into the 12-week strength after 3.0 but decided to run the 7-week Hypertrophy to focus on fixing my squat form and to do something different. While starting the Hypertrophy template, I decided to keep my nutrition the same (small surplus based on “To Be A Beast”), but my waist is starting to creep up (currently at 36” and Dr. Feigenbaum recommended a hard stop at 37” in another post I created in the moderated forum).

    I figured since the Hypertrophy template works well with a non surplus diet, I decided to put my calories back at “recomposition” to finish the program.

    My question is what template would you all recommend after the 7-week Hypertrophy considering my current goal of leaning out before bulking back up? My ultimate goal is to run the 12-week to test my strength limits, but I want to start the program with a smaller waist. I was thinking of possibly redoing Bridge 3.0 while keeping the recomp macros then bumping up the calories once I start the 12-week.

    I’ve never really needed to “slim down” ever and all things considered I really don’t feel fat or see it in the mirror. I’m just following Jordan’s recommendation to focus on waist measurement. Any and all advice, recommendations, personal experience is greatly appreciated!



    ~36” waist at navel

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    Hey there. I personally think you should run the 12 Week Strength template. There is no reason you can get some good body re--composition while running the program, getting stronger and losing some weight. As long as you aren't in a drastic caloric deficit and you are very stressed and tired then the expectation is you should be getting stronger. I have been able to run the Hypertrophy programs back to back with the 12 week strength a couple times now and have gotten good results. I've taken 3 inches off my waist while all my comp lifts have increased. I wouldn't stress it, especially if you aren't planning on doing a competition at the end of the 12 week strength. Just skip week 13 where you test your maxes (unless you want to) and keep eating at maintenance and don't skip your conditioning (my weakness - the first to go when life stress gets "too much" for me).

    Hope that helps and good luck. Nice progress to far!


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      Thanks, man. I appreciate it!