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Problems with conventional deadlifts being a sumo puller

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  • Problems with conventional deadlifts being a sumo puller

    I've always had problems with conventional deadlift form. I don't round my back loads but it feels like I'm fighting it so much trying not to round my lower back. I've tried different width stances and hip height and it doesn't feel much different. Right now in my program I have a lot of conventional deadlifts in the hypotrophy phase and after 4th or 5th rep it becomes extremely hard to keep my back from rounding. Could anyone advice me what I should do? Maybe some mobility/assistance work or slight change of the form? Also my deadlift even sumo one is very close to my squat weight wise. Thank you very much in advance, here's the link with my deadlifts

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    Yeah your setup could need some improvement. But that being said your back rounding is really far from being anything worrisome. Just to get things tighter though during the setup you should start by completely relaxing and letting your hips go up (they are too low when you start bracing anyway, so this is important) and your back round naturally. Then get your knees forward until you touch the bar with your shins without pushing the bar forward. Then take a deep breath and brace by thinking of letting your belly drop between your thighs or if that does not work, think of spreading your ass cheeks. This should automatically put your hips at the height where they belong and allow you to contract your lower back harder.

    Edit: oh and look down towards the floor... check your cervical spine in the video. Dat overextension.
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      No, Overextension of the cervical spine isnt a bad thing. Your form looks fine dude, just carry on. A little rounding isnt bad.


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        Yeah overall these are fine