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    I started the bridge 1.0 and I wanted to seek clarification on the moderate and high stress weeks. It has me hitting 3-5 sets of five @8 for the most part. For those sets am I utilizing back off sets as part of those 3-5 sets @8? For example, if I work up to [email protected], then the rest of my sets would get progressively lighter in order to keep the RPE @8, correct?

    also, can tempo belt squats replace tempo barbell squats? The gym I go to now has a belt squat machine designed by Matt wenning and it is pretty nice.

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    1. People can often maintain the load for at least a few sets @ 8 across, but if you find the effort is rising markedly from set to set (and you're approaching @9+), it's fine to lower the load a bit to stay at the target effort level.

    2. You can certainly give it a shot and see how it goes.
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