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[Form Check] Low-bar Squat

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  • [Form Check] Low-bar Squat

    Should I lean over more? Also, I'm not wearing shoes in the video because the weightlifting shoes I bought haven't come in yet.

    Thanks for the help.
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    hard to say with that angle but for the most part you look good.


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      I thought the bar path was pretty straight. Overall it looked good to me. It might just be that you were wearing long pants but it looked like maybe on teh descent your hips broke before your knees (especially on the first rep) but that just may be because your pants were loose and you cannot your knee movement until it moves pant sleeve.


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        I think your shins are too vertical, and you're actually leaning over too much. You're knees shaking on the decent of the first rep gives me the impression that you're in your heels too much. Weightlifting shoes will help a lot but don't be afraid to bring your knees more forward. You want to evenly use your hips and your quads.

        What I felt was helpful for me to find my strongest positioning was by doing lighter reps very quickly and aggressively on the ascent. Push straight upwards to the point of almost jumping. That should be your strongest ROM where you feel the most balanced between your heels and toes.


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          Quick update based on y'all's feedback (new video).

          My weightlifting shoes came in and I'm using them now. Also, I tried to break more simultaneously at the hips and knees, and kept reminding myself of the "nipples at the floor" mental queue that Rippetoe mentions.

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          ElectroBarbell I just now saw your post. Since I'm using my weightlifting shoes in the videos below, my shins appear maybe slightly less vertical. There is also less anterior hip pain that I was having at the bottom.

          Set 1: 135 x 5 (didn't film; wasn't sure I'd stick with 135 at first)
          Set 2: 135 x 5
          Set 3: 135 x 5


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            These do look better with the last set being the best. However, you are breaking at the hips first still, and then the bar is moving forward just a bit at the bottom on most reps. You might have to over exaggerate by just breaking at the knees first for a little while to break the "hips first" habit.

            Notice your knee position at the bottom. This is where you want to get your knees much earlier in the decent. Starting Strength says to get your knees set within the first 2/3s. I still suspect that your sense of where your midfoot might be is 1/4-1/2" too far towards your heels. I would stop using the "nipples at the floor" queue because your bending over plenty.

            You probably noticed that the shoes made you go deeper. The second video (your third set) depth was higher than the first but was still plenty deep. You could cut more depth, but I would focus on fixing the issues above first. Overall, your squat isn't all that bad. I made these same mistakes when I started.