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  • Endurance template rowing tests

    Is there guidance for effort level for the row tests in the endurance template? And any guidance on rower resistance setting?


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    TLDR; always do your best and between 3-5.

    It's not in the templates, but
    1) a test is always your best effort for that day. It's a snapshot.
    2) it kind of depends on the machine. but on a concept 2 or any rower with a flywheel, the higher the number (i.e. 10) the more air is allowed in, creating more drag. this means the flywheel will be slower at the catch (the front). the lower the number, the faster the flywheel is spinning and the faster turnaround at the catch you need (note that I'm not saying the stroke rate needs to go up, just the turnaround at the catch). The reason this is important to know is because you're not setting the "resistance" per se, you're choosing the speed of the flywheel.

    the Drag Factor is related to damper setting but not quite the same thing (generally, the higher the damper, the higher the drag factor, but it is not 1:1 nor a linear scale).

    For an "on the water" feel, you want the drag factor right around 110. for most people just starting out that's bang on the 5 of a concept 2. If that feels slow, tap it down (4 or 3). If that feels fast, tap it up to a 6 or 7. Somewhere in there, it will feel right. And if you want to get really dorky there is a setting on the PM to view Drag Factor.