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Deadlift (Form Check)

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  • Deadlift (Form Check)
    - Currently using hookgrip (couldn't get my hands on any chalk) as you may notice the bar started to slip.
    - The floor is somewhat uneven which tends to knock the bar slightly out of whack after each rep.

    Thanks in advance
    Stats in video description*
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    -This weight is not heavy, which is a good thing as it means you are strong! Look how fast your hips drive through the bar. You definitely have more weight in you!
    -You are taking far far far far too long between reps. If you are out of breath, you desperately need to improve your conditioning. If it's because of the floor, consider placing a yoga mat below the plates on each side which will keep the plates from moving around on a slightly uneven floor.
    -In your lockout, it appears you are looking straight down at the floor as gives the appearance that you did not complete the rep even though you look to be standing fully upright. This is just nit picking but I figured I would point it out
    -Other than that, your form looks really good. Just buy some chalk, use mixed grip, or use straps if you are in a position where your grip is the limiting factor. You can also try holding the last rep of your last set as long as possible to help build up your grip strength