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Bursting blood vessels (?) around eye during training

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  • Bursting blood vessels (?) around eye during training

    For the most several months after I squat or deadlift I have what I think is bursted blood vessels around my eyes (eyelid, etc - not on my eye) after training. It used to be somewhat infrequent but lately it is happening much more frequently and severely. It looks like I am fresh out of a boxing match today.

    Do you have any insight into what may be causing this and any suggestions to help reduce frequency and severity?
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    When I used to grind out fahves this was common for me after squatting. I’d get a red mask like blotchy sunburn on my face. Very noticeable and embarrassing and would last for 2 days.

    So for me it was an indication of an @10ish set. Which I’ve come to learn is a suboptimal intensity to train at, and as a result I don’t regularly do them any more. I'd make sure you’re not losing your valsalva and then reduce the intensity.


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      Thanks.. but I haven’t hit an @ 10 set in a long time. Happens even when the highest rpe for the session is 8.


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        I'd post this on the moderated forums. I have never had that happen to me (from lifting). It happens to me randomly every 3 or 4 years but its not lifting or exercise, I think I usually just wake up with it, but its been so long I don't remember.


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          The blood vessels around the eyes can burst for a variety of reasons. These can include genes, sun exposure, environmental factors, and pressure changes. Based on the fact that you claim that this happens after training, it is most likely due to pressure. Sudden, abrupt changes in pressure can cause minor damage to the blood vessels. Severe sneezing or vomiting can cause such changes. I would recommend that you see a doctor determine the exact cause. Maybe the problem can be solved with regular supplements to improve blood circulation. I hope you can sort this out.Most likely, this is due to a heavy load. You need to slow down and reduce the load.
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            Originally posted by MadeleineGlover View Post
            Most likely, this is due to a heavy load. You need to slow down and reduce the load.
            What are you basing this advice on? Do you have additional information that isn't in the above thread?