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Few quick questions about floor press & leg press (Bridge 3.0 day 3 stuff)

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  • Few quick questions about floor press & leg press (Bridge 3.0 day 3 stuff)

    Floor Press:

    This whole exercise feels very silly, in kind of a good way

    1) Should I be doing these with much of an arch?
    2) How important is it to keep tight at the bottom? I keep my lats tight well enough, but as soon as my olecranon process hits the floor I notice my triceps kind of naturally loosen up, making the whole exercise feel basically like a very high-altitude pin press. Should I avoid that instinct? Should I just try to avoid touching my elbows to the floor altogether?

    Leg Press:

    1) Is it alright if my butt lifts off the chair a little bit at the start of the press? Not much, maybe a half inch or so. I get the feeling that these aren't the most strict exercise out there, but I can try to rein it in a little if necessary.
    2) How important is depth? I basically lower the weight until the top of my quads hits my belly, and that equates to maybe a half-inch over parallel.

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    I don't think arch matters all that much in the floor press you're not going to cut rom with it so just do it enough to keep tight. Don't think about it too hard. I've never had my elbows touch the floor on floor press so no idea on that.

    I would think it's not good to lift your butt up off the seat on a leg press because it seems like it'd make the movement less efficient. It's a hypertrophy movement so you should try to be doing them as strict as possible with a greatest amount of ROM as possible. Maybe try pushing your knees out to get them around your belly. I'd guess hitting your belly might be what is lifting your butt.

    BBM doesn't have a leg press video that I know of so RP will have to do for now.
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