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  • Knee sleeves

    how often do you replace? How tight do yours fit? Mine are a struggle to get on so I’ve wondered if they are too tight. At least for everyday training. Any input appreciated

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    My SBDs are still ripping out hair and tight as a drumhead after two years. Tight is good. Far more robust than the TK ones where the stitching had let go in less time than that.
    Mine only come out for squats / belt squats, so currently three nights a week. Use no talc - throw them in with the washing once every couple of months and they're good to go.

    This is how to put them on (relatively) painlessly.


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      I have had my SBD's for about 2 years and they're also still super tight. It's always been a struggle to get them on, but I like it tight (insert joke here). I wash mine maybe every 6 weeks or so in the sink with dish soap and then soak in some oxy clean then air dry. They have no failed me yet and still look brand new


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        I have the Evolutionize 7mm knee sleeves I got off Amazon. They’re labeled Stoic now, so I’m not sure what changed besides being $20 more expensive but mine are still great after 3 years.


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          Hi, I believe sleeves help me by keeping my joints warmer. It is probably a placebo effect.

          It could be argued that tight sleeves could increase the amount of your lift by providing a bit of rebound effect. In reality, it couldn't be more than a pound or two. Get actual knee wraps if you want to try lifting assisted.

          For me, really tight knee sleeves are too hard to get on and start to annoy me if I wear them for an extended amount of time (circulation, pinched skin). So in my opinion, if they are hard to get on, they are too tight. Mine slip right on and keep me plenty toasty.