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  • Ideas for GPP?

    I'm about to start the Powerbuilding template. The documentation that comes with it is just awesome. Really good explanations and resources.

    Curious what people are doing for their HIIT on the GPP days. The only thing I've ever done for HIIT is sprinting, and that was years ago. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.


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    For HIIT, I use the rower. 0:20 sprint, 1:40 off. So if the program calls for 14 min, I do seven intervals.


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      I really enjoy the rowing ergometer. If you have access to one, especially if you have access to a concept 2 brand erg, I can't recommend it enough.

      - minimal joint impact
      - easy to learn movement/low movement skill required
      - easy to get objective and measurable results (er, this is the case with concept 2, which has an excellent, programmable performance monitor. other brands just aren't as fully featured).

      Other modes I really like:
      - The concept 2 ski erg
      - The concept 2 bike erg
      - Rogue Echo Bike
      - Assault Bike
      - Spin Bike

      If you have access to any of that equipment, I think they are demonstrably easier to use and probably better than running for barbell sport athletes. If you do have to run because of equipment limitations, I'd strongly suggest hill sprints (wearing cleats, if possible) instead of sprinting over flat ground. The reasons being that most people who aren't sprinting already aren't ready to sprint and would be exposing themselves to all manner of lower limb injuries if they tried to do so w/o first specifically preparing for sprinting.


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        Great suggestions! Thanks much.



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          Has anyone ever used one of those curved treadmill things? My current gym has one of those, recumbent bikes, flat treadmills and ellipticals and I think curved treadmills are probably best for HIIT?

          It doesn't have any handrails though, which is a little spooky.


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            I have kettlebells at home, so I prefer to work with those (plus, rower crushes my testicles, no joke). I change modalities - swings, snatches, double cleans. I have been training with KB long before I started BB training so I gravitate to them for my HIIT.