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    I have recently purchased Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench from amazon discount codes that has six adjustable settings and a 600-lb. capacity. Its best feature, however, is its collapsible design, which reduces its in-room footprint by more than 50 percent when it's stowed away. I think you should buy this one if you really looking for a home weight bench.


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      Here's my equipment, happy to answer any questions:

      Titan T-2 cage - paid $290 4 years ago with free shipping. Perfect and still going strong for me. Not bolted down, still super sturdy

      Rep Fitness Flat bench, and adjustable bench. You can't beat Rep fitness for benches.

      Rogue Echo bike - $750ish. Great for HIIT, so-so for LISS

      Proform Smart Pro 2000 Treadmill - great home treadmill, very well built, great incline, folds upwards. IFit subscription is dumb.

      IronMaster adjustable dumbells with 120lb extention kit - great dumbbells that actually feel and work like real dumbbells. They are great for HEAVY lifting (100lb+). They take up next to no space with the included storage cabinet. Awesome adjustable dumbbells!


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        It's good you ask this kind of question because a lot of people have been victim of buying bad used gym equipment. I think the major problem is where you get your product form. All my gym equipments are used and I got it from here . From my experience, they sell good products


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          Originally posted by sanchezcruz_20 View Post
          I highly recommend the Powerblock Dumbbells. They're expandable up to 90lbs. Gives you room to grow beyond 50lbs. IMHO, virtually all the "adjustable" dumbbells (click/dial/etc) feel clunky and cheap. The Powerblocks are rock solid.

          I also have the Rogue 2.0 Bench ( It's an outstanding piece of equipment. Perhaps a bit pricey, but ridiculously sturdy and has a quality feel to it. Stays planted and doesn't move around. I also like the width @ 11.25". Another characteristic that is often overlooked on benches is the friction of the surface, the Rogue unit gives a good amount of traction to keep you from sliding all over the place.
          I second the Powerblocks. You used to be able to get the add on for up to #130...not sure if that's still available...but my 90's are great.


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            ESC’s goal is to provide the highest quality or international standard for everything related to the fitness industry, which means it covers all the aspects related to sport and fitness in 360 degrees, be it indoor fitness equipment, sports infrastructure installation, outdoor fitness equipment, or fitness training.


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              I actually had a rogue r3 bolted down. I recently switched to the rogue s-2 squat stand. I actually like and it is nice on a budget. I like it because it is not permanent if I want to move around. Considering it is a squat stand, it is very sturdy and can handle any weight.


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                I have bought a few Titan pieces of equipment. Never again, especially their benches. I don't see how it it's not in the news yet that someone was killed using one of these.


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                    I purchased the under 1K package from RitFit recently and this equipment is such a great value for the price. It includes 1000lbs Capacity Power Cage,7-Feet 500lbs Capacity Weightlifting Bar, Weight Bench, Barbell Collar-1 Pair of Black and only $950! With all of the attachments and extras, you'd be spending twice as much anywhere else. Putting it together only took a couple of hours - I'm female and was able to do it myself. It really helps to have a socket wrench as it makes the process much faster. I've attached the "TRX" straps I purchased from Ritfit as well and they work great. I'm looking forward to many more workouts in my home garage gym now
                    I would recommend this cage to others looking for a solid rack:

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	1632954202__241500103_2907039016216841_2083518126819084240_n1__original.jpg Views:	1 Size:	158.4 KB ID:	70692