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Mouth guards?

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  • Mouth guards?

    Are mouth guards useful for powerlifting? I see guys at my gym use them and plenty of advertising.

    If they are recommended, what is a good brand?


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    I recall seeing an old thread on the SS site about this and basically it said don’t clench your jaw, it’s bad for your teeth. Practice and cue yourself to not do it and only resort to a mouth guard if you absolutely can’t stop.


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      I don’t get the use for it. You shouldn’t be clenching your teeth in the first place when you’re bracing.


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        Some people do clench their jaw when they are grinding on a max attempt-think clenching everything to get up out of a squat. If you think that you might be really grinding your teeth, it's worth a try. Otherwise you should be just fine.


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          I'm finishing up doing a long bout of orthodontia to correct some damage I did as a dumb young buck and was noticing some clinching on high effort sets so I've been using one for that over the last few months. For me, I really don't want to mess up a couple years and thousands of dollars investing in my mouth but it may be some paranoia from that as well.


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            I wear a cheap one... i clench my jaw hard (unintentionally)and dont wanna wreck my teeth...
            ive noticed zero of the supposed benefits people talk about tho. Just to stop me damaging my teeth.