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    Has anyone tried working the beginner template into a regular training cycle over the course of a year?

    I am about to purchase the template, and, admittedly stingily, am hoping that it will serve me a purpose beyond the initial use. Regardless of reuse, I still plan on buying it.

    I am hoping to collect 3 templates over time and cycle between them yearly for as long as I am making some progress. Namely: Beginner, General S&C, Endurance. I do a lot of running races with my wife, so I am wanting to balance strength and endurance.

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    The beginner template has only been out a few weeks, so no one will have used it over a full year.

    I bought it for my wife and I believe the idea is to repeat the last week of each phase until you are no longer progressing. So I suppose in theory it could be used over a year, as long as you're still progressing at the prescribed RPE for each work set.


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      Ah, true. I am mostly wondering if the Beginner Template is something that can be revisited after having completed it and moved on to another training program. Like I said, I plan on just running it until I stop progressing and then move on to another template. After running through the other templates (General S&C, Endurance), I might revisit the Beginner Template and see if I can milk any more out of it. My guess is that Phase 1 would not produce much progress at that point, but would test out the other phases to see if I can get new gains.


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        I'm on my seventh week of the program, which is still the first phase as I've been re-doing the 4th week until I stall out on it. My unprofessional opinion is that I don't see any reason why you could not use the program again a year from now, as it's built around the squat and deadlift, and they will always be the base of any good program. I haven't thought that far ahead to see if I would run it again, but I wouldn't necessarily close the door. My opinion is it's a good program, and for the cost it works out to a few bucks a week to have access, and ensure your programming is laid out in a professional manner.


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          I suppose you could try a rerun of Phase III, but I probably wouldn't go back to Phase I&II as they're not much volume or work compared to the post-beginner templates.

          The beginner template should last you 16-24 weeks, so you'll get your money's worth